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The Formation of the Trial Program

The project partners have formed a Steering Committee for the P Drivers Project to manage the implementation of the Trial.

The committee comprises VicRoads, RTA, TAC and RACV. The Steering Committee has developed, with the assistance of

Australian and International experts, a curriculum to be delivered to young novice drivers in Victoria and NSW.


Aims of the Trial

Primary aim

  Assess the effectiveness of the program on both the police-reported and self-reported crash involvement of the participants.

Secondary aim

  • Identify self reported safe and unsafe driving behaviour.

  • Improve participant’s awareness of factors that influence their risk of crash involvement.

  • Identify traffic offences and compliance with licence conditions and restrictions.

  • Practical issues that may need to be resolved in order to implement a national program for young novice drivers.

Tertiary aim

  • Increase awareness in the general community of the need to improve safe driving behaviour.

  • Determine the willingness of young novice drivers to participate in a project of this type.

  • Provide a significant addition of research evidence and knowledge on young novice drivers.


Overall Trial Plans

• Recruit P licence drivers aged 18 to 22 years in Victoria and 17 to 21 in NSW for the project.

• Invite them to attend local program sessions comprising 8-12 drivers.

• Participants will be part of the 15 month research project.

• The results will be evaluated against a control group to ascertain the effectiveness of the project.